Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Imagine Life Without High Speed Internet Providers

Have you ever stepped back for a minute to think what it would be like without access to the net through high speed internet providers? Take this a step further and imagine life without a cell phone. I recently went through two nerve racking events that gave me an immediate appreciation for these two things we take for granted.

I was driving to Lake Conroe from my mothers lake house and took a wrong turn along the way. I was supposed to meet my wife, but we had not finalized plans. My battery was low and the car charger didn't seem to connect properly. Long story short, I lost battery power, was lost, could not call for directions nor coordinate where to meet with my wife. Talk about a desperate look for a pay phone. I don't even remember how pay phones work. Next I move on to broadband.

Hurricane Ike just rolled through Houston and let me tell you, ten days without power means you not only are missing your favorite show on TV, but you are completely disconnected with the rest of the world because your high speed internet provider is down as well. I was shaking the very next day. Not because my fence was knocked down, but because I had no internet access. Yes my friends, I was going through high speed internet withdrawl.

So my advice is take advantage of all the tools that technology provides you. A good example is the edmonds.com site that would not be possible without high speed connectivity. Till the next post... Bye for now.

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